May 14, 2017

Business Consultancy

We can support new, aspiring or existing market participants  with in-depth knowledge in the following domains:

  • Business Development: New market entry is never easy. We can help you develop business in Belgium using our established network and experience.
  • Raising Capital: Too many companies chase too little capital. We have high quality, valuable relationships after 25 years in the banking industry.   We can accelerate access to finance for innovative businesses using the network of investors we have built.  These investors can be high net worth individuals, business angels,  entrepreneurs or professional investors looking for investment opportunities in startups and scale-ups.  We can thus fill the gap in between “friends and family” and formal venture capital.
  • Management Support/Interim Management/Directors: We can help if are you looking or external expertise or independent directors
  • Investor Relations: The relationship to your investor is key to your success. We can advise or act as part of your investor relations desk.
  • Quantitative Research: We have strong expertise in developing financial models including backtesting, analytics and verification and can act as an independent party providing you with the analysis you need.
  • Financial content: Financial writing is both an art and a science. We can verify your content or provide you with valuable content ourselves.

Our approach is practical, common sense and result driven.  We can work as part of your team to support your development.

Recent clients include online banks, crowdlending companies and innovative startups/scale-ups raising capital.