April 26, 2017

Digital User Experience (UX)

Today’s digital consumers have higher expectations of their financial institution than ever before. To be successful, banks and other financial players need new and innovative approaches to attract and retain customers through highly relevant and personalized experiences across multiple channels.

   “79% of the potential customers admitted to searching for another site if the one they landed on does not live up to expectations”

Good user experience (UX) creates trust, loyalty and goodwill towards your business and your brand. Especially in onine financial services good UX is a key factor in credibility and client conversion.

Good UX needs to be data driven and follow clear guiding principles in terms of navigability, simplicity, visual hierarchy and consistency.

We have 15 years of experience at creating user experience for banks and fintechs.

We create useful, usable and delightful customer experiences across mobile, desktop and every decision point, striking the ideal balance between the logical and the emotional.


User experience (UX) is a set of practices designed to make software, a website or business application more ergonomic, accessible, intuitive and pleasant to use.

The biggest misconception about user experience is that it is about creating beautiful interfaces. While this is part of user experience, it’s only a small part of a much larger discipline with a broader mandate. The act of designing an interface – most often when it occurs on a screen – is called user interface design, or interaction design. This is a subset of user experience, and only part of a much broader spectrum of skills associated with the discipline.


Distilled to its essence, user experience is fundamentally about the relationship between people and technology. More than that, it’s about identifying and designing that relationship. As the amount of technology and digital disruption in the world increases, so too, the nature of this relationship comes to the fore
We will work together with your digital marketing people to optimize the process. We can also provide our own digital market experts if required.


Strategy & Innovation

The process of developing an idea is the result of a disciplined approach.

Our digital strategist will work together with you to develop new ideas, build proofs of concept and bring a practical and fresh approach.

Integrating UX into a digital transformation project requires starting with an accurate analysis of users’ needs. This vital stage, which encompasses aspects of cognitive psychology, will enable designers to create a set of tools which can be used in succession: user profile types, user experience maps, lists of obstacles to overcome, etc.

This data will also enable the designer to draw up a list of specifications for designing the project architecture and the associated interactions and interfaces.

Consumers expect the overall brand experience to be consistent across channels. We help you create experiences that put the customer at the forefront, not the channel.

User Experience Analytics

How is the current situation in comparison to your competitors? Does it answer the latest technical perspectives?

We can provide you with a full usability review from a
o Analytical perspective
o Business and competitive perspective
o Technical perspective
o Expert Perspective

And provide you with a valuable report for designers/developers

“User Experience is key to digital marketing success”

Design & Engineering

The next step using our report on User Experience is the implementation of recommendations. Trust us with the creation of master templates for your platform and we will deliver you a graphically and functionally optimized pages that will put your company in a different league.

We can also coordinate and work along your team customizing your platform
(Mobile and web) andl help you create your own customer journey in line with your brand and business practices.

Great mobile experiences are of course a prerequisite for all our work.

“The aim is not digital. The aim is the simplicity that digital can enable.”

Optimization & Monitoring

Too often UX is a once off project within a company. We can monitor the actual end user experience of any local, cloud, web or enterprise mobile app running on any physical, virtual or mobile device. This allows you to proactively identify and rapidly resolve problems.

Using our subscription formula, we will provide you with monthly data-driven fine-tuning and regular deep depth reviews. This way you are guaranteed to always maintain an optimal experience