April 30, 2018

Buy-Side Advisory (Acquisitions)

You want to to grow and access new markets via acquisitions of  companies or assets?

This process can be complex and also very time consuming.

We can help you with:

  • Designing and formulating the acquisition strategy;
  • Providing insightful market analysis;
  • Identifying appropriate target search and selection;
  • Approaching the owners of selected target companies;
  • Obtaining information to evaluate investment opportunities;
  • Analyzing and valuing the target companies, including any synergies or savings;
  • Coordination, preparation and moderation of meetings
  • Preparation and support in the Due Diligence
  • Coordination of all other parties involved in the process
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Process management up to the Closing of the transaction

To fund your acquisition you will need to convince an investor that you have:

  • Strong & well balanced management team with track record
  • Market dynamics
  • Products/Services differentiation
  • Barriers to entry
  • Route to market
  • Strategy to deliver on your business plan
  • Compelling financial story