September 14, 2018

Fundraising advisory

Competition for equity investments is high and fundraising is a big challenge for CEOs.  It takes a lot of time and effort and you want to remain focused on building your business.

We offer full support from start to finish along the fundraising path.

The journey starts with us putting in time to really understand your company, market and vision and assess your investor-readiness.

If required we will help finetune your fundraising strategy and help you decide on the key parameters (in terms of amount, timing, instruments, investor type…) of your funding round.

We will offer you valuable insight in the investor mindset. We can help getting your pitch in shape.  Once the fundraising strategy is ready to go, the journey can start. No matter how prepared you are, you should count on 3-9 months for a typical round.  Full dedication is important and we only work with a few clients at the same time.  We believe it’s more art than science.

We will set up investor meetings, maintain momentum and assist you in deal negotiations.   The relationship with your new investor is a long term one and it’s important you feel comfortable having them as a part of your business for years to come.